Given our fascination for Venice that we consider the most romantic city/island on the face of the earth, Santorini was a pleasant and incredible surprise indeed.

Santorini, which has literally been sculpted on the slopes of a crater (called “caldera” in Greek), is a magnificent island city endowed with an ethereal beauty that must be experienced for one’s self.

Viewing the remains of the volcano submerged within the Aegean Sea early in the morning, would move and evoke romance and introspection in the most hardened of people. Walking leisurely along the caldera (or driving) thru the gorgeous little villages with exotic names like Fira, Imerovigli, Firostephani, Kamari, Pyrgos and Oia (arguably the most picturesque – recommend that you reserve a hotel in Oia for the most memorable experience including the sunrise and the sunsets ) serves to rejuvenate your mind, body, spirit and soul and is highly recommended for just about everyone and especially, folks who lead a stressful existence!

Also highly recommended is a trip to the museum in Fira that houses artifacts from the ancient Minoan civilization in the ancient city-state of Akrotiri, that thrived in Santorini in 17th Century BC.

Santorini is a veritable “Mediterranean Shangri-La” that was awe-inspiring and truly touched us with its ethereal beauty – not for nothing has Santorini been called “The Most Beautiful Island Paradise” anywhere in the World! This Isle-Paradise is truly a balm that soothes, invigorates, and spiritually uplifts the mind, heart, body, spirit and soul. No surprise that this is home to some of the happiest folks on the Planet who live the longest!

Savor the sensuality and romance of Santorini for yourself at least once in your lifetime and when you do, we hope you will take the time to relax, undulate and indulge yourself that hopefully, you will thank us for!:-)

Bon Voyage and Efcharisto (Thank you in Greek)!:-)